In Bloom Magazine

Ok, I'll admit. I may be a little addicted to flowers! During college, I had the opportunity to really showcase that. I took a class that was a semester long of developing my own magazine from start to finish. I learned ALOT about how much it truly takes to create a magazine. Looking back, I was so proud of this publication at the time. I wanted to showcase this piece because it won me a Silver Addy, but also because its a reminder of how much I have grown as a designer since then. 

This project started with me thinking of a topic for a niche magazine. I decide to make a magazine all about flowers: Cooking with them, accessorizing and wearing them, make-up inspired by them, oh and gardening with them (didn't see that one coming). I had to design the layouts and write the copy for most of the magazine, including one of the features and work with a fellow photographer and feature writer for another article. It truly was a great experience with tons of lessons learned.