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When people ask me what gets my fire ignited, my heart beating and my inner fireworks going off, I answer with "Great marketing and beautiful and functional designs". So, stick around and stay a while. Explore what all I have been able to create simply by doing what I love. Afterwards, let's have a conversation about what you saw on my site. Part of my passion for marketing and design is the fact that it can always be improved and I'd love to hear what you think!   

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Liv-in the dream

The names Olivia, but some of my favorite people call me Liv! Food Network Fan Girl? Guilty! Animal whisperer? I'd like to think so. I have plenty of quirks to share along with the reason I fell in love with the advertising industry. I can't wait for you to get to know me!



Explore some of my favorite projects I had the opportunity to work on! From start up businesses to world wide brands, I've gotten to dabble on quite a few. Each and every one has a story that was just waiting to be told!  

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Let's get in touch!

Whether it be for coffee, brunch (my all time favorite), to just talk about
this amazing industry I get to work in, or some of my work, let's connect!