I'll admit when I'm at the store browsing, I may choose a product because I think the packaging is intriguing. Sometimes I shoot myself in the foot for only making a decision based on the outside, but that's another topic! Similar with floral arrangements, people do choose certain floral arrangements based on the style or feel they are looking for. The floral arrangements one would choose for a whimsical setting are going to differ from ones looking for a more elegant and classic look. The same applies to brand packaging. It has to grab someones attention, has to be recognizable and in line with brand and last of all, has to meet the customer's needs and expectations. All of the above is especially important if they have never heard of the brand. 


National Park Hotels

In honor of the National Park's 100th anniversary, the objective of this project was to create packaging for their hotels located within the national parks. The goal was to target the toiletries packaging towards empty nesters who liked to venture out. My strategy for this packaging was to highlight various national parks, by creating an outline of their landscape. Also, on each package was a the location of the featured park and some interesting facts about it. This would trigger the empty nesters to discover their next adventure.