Don't mind me. I'm just "Liv-in" the dream.

Photo creds: Dan Schimpf

Photo creds: Dan Schimpf

The Nitty Gritty Good Stuff

  • Firm believer that all food must be accompanied with an experience (and Instagram worthy) 
  • Queen of the flower doodles
  • Avid fashion blog follower
  • Notoriously known for remembering EVERYTHING from 4th grade (Must have been a good year. That's all I  have to say!)
  • After working at Bath & Body Works for a few years, I can still tell which scent someone is wearing while passing by!

Hi there, my name is Olivia Messer, but you can call me Liv, for short! Ever since I was a young blossom, I knew I HAD to do something to allow my mind to wander, to constantly reimagine, to look at things differently and to create something beautiful.

Of course, there are several professions that do this. For me, I was drawn to the creative track in advertising. To be able to strip a project down to its rawness, to obsess and learn everything humanly possible about it was just the start. Taking that information and forming a strategy that truly defines the project and accomplishes your objectives is so incredibly satisfying.  

However, we still aren't to why I chose this profession. Creative design holds a deep place in my heart. (Fun Fact: my favorite thing to doodle growing up was flowers.) After planting the seed of the strategy, I get to help it bloom through creative executions. To be able to bring a strategy to life, from the start of visualizing it in your mind to the finished product is my absolute favorite. Often as a creative, especially a graphic designer, we hear that we just make things pretty. Well, my friends, that is not the case. My designs solve problems in a visually, easily-digestible manner, which is the backbone of my personal brand.

Inspired by my love of flowers, I developed my brand: Liv Creative. Keeping in mind the strategy and goals behind all my designs, I ensure all my executions follow this: "Creative designs, strategically rooted."