Website Layouts

When designing a website there is so much to take into consideration. I'll admit I'm not an expert in coding, but I do understand how important it is for websites to be extremely user friendly. I've really learned how to think like the user to ensure websites function in a way that makes sense to them. Below are a couple of examples of website layouts, I have created for class projects. And ehh-hmmm, you're looking at one of my live ones right now! 



For a class project, we had to develop an editorial style website for a musical publication. We got to choose the name of the publication and develop wire frames of what the site may look like. Attached are a few of the mockups of pages including the home page and a landing page. 

Barn Brasserie

The Barn Brasserie used to be a restaurant in Muncie, Ind. serving dishes that changed according to the month's fresh ingredients available at the time. They didn't have much of a brand to start with and they also were lacking a website. For a class project, I had to rebrand the Barn Brasserie, along with creating a sample of what one page of their website could look like. See below for the full layout.  

Dean clean 

Dean Clean is an up and coming carpet cleaning and restoration business in the Indianapolis, Ind. area. Their owner came to me with help developing a website. It ended up being an entire branding project as they didn't have a pre-established logo or marketing materials. This really allowed me to create a brand from scratch and run with it for the website.